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Wandelen on Schouwen-Duiveland

VVV-Route: Mosselroute: wandelen door historisch vissersdorp Bruinisse

9.2 km wandelen - Schouwen-Duiveland

VVV Zeeland

Mussels are what makes the clock tick in Bruinisse, fishing is the spice of life here. This cheery walk about the village starts at the local museum, Brusea. Read up on all things related to fishing, mussel and oyster – past and present. For some true period atmosphere, take a look inside the fully furnished fishermen’s cottage, ca. 1750.
When you gaze out over the water, you can’t miss the tall stakes marking the territory of all the musselmen. By the way, the local catch is brought ashore here, Bruinisse folk welcome you for a spankingly fresh bite. If you’re hungry for more, walking that is, why don’t you pick the 10 km foot path, to nearby Zijpe, a onetime ferry port?

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  • Andree Offermann - 6 oct 2016

    Kurzweilige Wanderung um Bruinisse. Im Herbst w├╝rde ich festes Schuhwerk empfehlen.

  • Diana Akkermans - 3 apr 2016

    Mooie route, goed uitgepijld. De route is erg afwisselend. Langs het water, door de polder, stukje dorp en haven. Je loopt ook een stuk over een grasdijk zonder verharding.

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